Hallucinogenic Drugs and their medicinal use have always been surrounded by controversy, in large part of the world. This is so due to the recreational use that is usually given to this type of substance.Another reason is the limited current knowledge about their appropriate doses. Recently a study carried out in the UK has stated that psychedelika are capable of altering the brain to the point of creating a different state of consciousness.

In that case, drugs such as LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin were analyzed. According to the researchers, this modification of the brain is not harmful, but could even be beneficial and even medicinal. But these are not the only psychedelic substances that have shown their potential in medicine, as there are some more.
LSD and depression
LSD is one of the most studied drugs,psychedelika. There are already doctors who recommend using LSD as a complement to psychotherapy in depression; since individuals who consumed LSD showed greater brain activity in the areas responsible for positive memories, brain activity in the areas responsible for negative memories decreased.
The use of LSD micros in microdoses can improve productivity. People usually take small doses in the morning to control mental complications such as depression and anxiety. With them, people improve their daily activities, strengthen their creativity and therapeutically use them.
Psilocybin, depression, and addictions
Psilocybin, the psychedelic substance in hallucinogenic mushrooms, has also shown its medical potential, has positive effects on anxiety in terminal cancer patients, similar to LSD, and on addictions as alcoholism.
However, because it is prohibited in many countries, the industry has been in charge of designing research chemical substances that are products of small modifications such as 4-aco-dmt, which is homologous of psilocybin same effects that it generates in the body.
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